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Feeling Good Enough As You Are

Live, Online Free Mini-Course

Your Hosts

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Your Hosts

Event Image
Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell

Where & When

Online via Zoom
3 Wednesdays, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM. Jan 19, 26 & Feb 2.
Pacific Time

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Not feeling good about yourself can be like living under a dark cloud that casts a gloomy shadow on whatever you say, do, think, feel… And that makes life harder than it has to be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn how to handle emotional triggers, difficult habits, and inner critics in a way that leaves you feeling better about yourself. Let me help you get started (and share what you can do to keep going!).

What You'll Learn:

This webinar series helps you change the way you treat yourself in three key areas:

  • How you handle emotional triggers
  • What you do about unhelpful or unhealthy habits
  • How positive you feel about your abilities and who you are

I created this three-part webinar series so you can experience the three major ways the Focusing process helps you live a calmer, more resourced, and emotionally resilient life.

Our Mission, Our Vision

The mission of Focusing Resources is to meaningfully contribute to personal, community, and global emotional health, with the understanding that positive emotional health impacts how fairly we treat each other, how well and quickly we recover from stress and trauma, and how wisely and collaboratively we meet the serious challenges we are all facing.


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