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From Fear to Flow: A 6 Week Focusing Approach to Public Speaking

Learn how to work with your speaking anxiety, and not against it.

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Thursdays, 7pm - 8.30pm BST 29th Feb - 4th April, 2024 . AND I can run an earlier one on the same day , subject to numbers 12.30pm-2pm
Irish Standard Time/British Standard Time

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Do you dread speaking in public?

Not just giving talks, but even speaking up in meetings,  or at networking events? 

Or maybe you enjoy it, but still get very nervous? Or think you should be more proactive as a speaker, and can't quite pinpoint what is stopping you?

This course draws on my work as an Inner Relationship Focusing Professional* and a Public Speaking Coach to help you bring a new awareness to speaking up in work or in public.

It will help you improve your speaking skills and help you explore your inner world, in a way that brings change. 

You  will receive practical skills training on how to give a talk and speak up in meetings, and experience guided exercises to help you get curious about what happens to you inside when asked to speak up. 

INNER WORLD WORK: How does your inner critic manifest for you? How can you be with any frightened or doubtful parts? And can you create speech content from a feeling place, rather than just your head? Yes! I will show you how. 

SPEAKING SKILLS WORK: You will get the opportunity to do fun, easy speaking exercises in pairs and the group; to practise answering questions in under 90 seconds; to give a talk in front of the group in weeks 5/6; and receive my support and feedback as a speaking coach. 



Week 1: Why working with our anxiety works, and why trying to get rid of it doesn’t. What am I good at? Resourcing exercises.  Fun games to get you thinking. Speaking exercises. 

Week 2: “What do I want to say?”  Getting a feel for our content. And learning how to structure a talk around one key idea. 

Week 3: Learning how to think on my feet. Speaking on random questions in under 90 seconds. “ How would it feel in my body if this issue was resolved?” Experiencing the wanted feeling, and what  blocks it.  

Week 4: “I’m no good at this”. Working with the Inner Critic. 

Weeks 5 and 6: Delivering your talk online and receiving feedback in a supportive environment.


This course was a real joy!  Fiona shares her years of experience with generosity, humor and masses of encouragement. We learned so many useful tips and she somehow made it fun and easy. The speaking exercises and focusing practices were all incredibly helpful.  What made this course special, though, was Fiona's own presence. She held the space in such a lovely, safe, gentle way that I think all of us were able to stretch our comfort zones more than we would have imagined.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who has anxiety around public speaking or simply wants to speak more effectively. 

Tara Begley, Meditation Teacher, San Francisco

What is Inner Relationship Focusing*? 

Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) shows us how to work with parts of ourselves that have previously been denied or in conflict. IRF encourages us to allow and listen to all of our parts in a deeply accepting way, and this skillful allowing brings new perspectives and shifts. The process tends to be an inherently satisfying and gentle one. 

IRF is a refined and expanded form of Focusing which was first developed by Professor Eugene Gendlin of Chicago University. IRF was developed by Ann Weiser Cornell (who worked with Gendlin) and Barbara McGavin, who both in turn trained me.

About Fiona: 

Based in Dublin, I am a Certified Inner Relationship Focusing Professional and Trainer, as trained by Ann Weiser Cornell, Barbara McGavin and Marcella Calabri. I’m also a public speaking coach.

Capacity: Max 12 people

Cost: €350. (Early bird discount price: €320 if paid by Feb 21st. Discounts also available for the unwaged). Includes teaching slides and audio recordings of guided exercises. You may also record your own talk. 

Early bird:

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You can also email [email protected] to arrange paying by paypal or Revolut.


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You can also email  to arrange paying by paypal or Revolut.

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