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The Experiencing Model in Focusing and Therapy

What happens in fruitful moments

Your Hosts

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Akira Ikemi, Ph.D.

Your Hosts

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Akira Ikemi, Ph.D.

Akira Ikemi


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Focusing does not need to be undertaken in the context of psychotherapy. But the counselling/psychotherapeutic setting is in the foreground of Akira’s 3 half-day workshop as he unpacks the Experiencing Model, which is encompassed in Gendlin’s six step model of Focusing, particularly in the 2nd to 5th steps. Focusing is what successful clients do in therapy – they engage in the process of experiencing as opposed to just talking or being overwhelmed by emotions.

In the Experiencing Model Akira is attempting to advance Gendlin’s work by observing how an inter-subjective experiencing process can develop in the therapeutic relationship. The Experiencing Model puts forth a number of theoretical assertions about what happens in Focusing – and what can happen in therapy. In therapy, this would encompass experiencing, ‘saying’ and then a mutual re-experiencing of the client’s experience which can lead to novel understandings. These concepts will be presented, discussed and experientially explored in the workshop.


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