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Experience Focusing and Empathic Listening for Yourself!

A 3-person online Focusing course

Your Hosts

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Beatrice Blake, teacher of Thinking at the Edge

Your Hosts

Event Image
Beatrice Blake, teacher of Thinking at the Edge

Beatrice Blake, Certifying Coordinator with TIFI


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Online connection details will be given once you sign up.

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Domain Focusing, developed by Robert Lee, PhD, is a clear and effective way to understand the basic elements  of Focusing and Empathic Listening. With only three people in each class, you will get plenty of opportunities to practice and to understand how Focusing works. This class is open to everyone, including people interested in Thinking at the Edge  who don't much experience in Focusing. Private sessions are also available.

Even though I propose the time of noon Eastern on Thursdays, that can change once we have three people who want to take the course. I will attempt to find a schedule that suits everyone. 

Contact me for a free introductory session:

Registration Information

First, sign up for a free introductory session at

If you decide to take a course, it's US $295.00 payable through PayPal. Or you can sign up for private sessions.

Please get in touch by March 24.

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