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Deepening Your Spirituality With Focusing

An Online Workshop & Support Group for Women

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Ruth Hirsch



Online Joining Information

The Zoom link to our online meeting room will provided upon registration

Meeting Format

Connect with other like-minded women to enhance your spirituality, give you new perspectives on life, and allow your creativity to flourish.

  • Ancient traditions include much wisdom about our place in the universe as both embodied and spiritual beings. Two of these traditions can help us to deepen and expand our own spiritual quests through its connection to the rhythms of the year– The Jewish Calendar and Chinese Philosophy. Unique to the Jewish calendar, each month has a variety of corresponding qualities that have the potential for spiritual and psychological healing and growth.
  • Focusing is a contemporary practice which also relates to us as embodied and spiritual beings.
  • This new program combines these three approaches to spiritual work. The aim of the group is to open these approaches to a wider audience while at the same time providing a support group for women seeking to deepen and enhance their lives.

We’ll begin with a discussion of a few basics related to the topic:

  • What is the relationship between spirituality, religion, and the divine?
  • What is unique about women’s spirituality?
  • What role can spirituality play in creating fuller, more fulfilling lives?
  • How can we enhance spirituality in our everyday lives?

We’ll consider all of these questions and more from a Focusing oriented perspective. Woven throughout will be Focusing exercises to help us to delve more deeply into subjects ranging from women’s spirituality to Kaballah (Jewish spirituality) to Chinese healing and wellness philosophy. We’ll consider the mystical significance of each month of the calendar as well as what Chinese philosophy can teach us about how to best balance body, mind, heart and spirit through the seasons of the year.

Time: Sundays at 10 am EST, 7 am PST, 16:00 CET , 17:00 EET (Eastern Europe & Israel)

Group size will be limited to 12 participants.

Class Dates in 2020: January 5, February 2, March 1, March 29, April 26, May 24, June 7, July 5.

Fee: $275 for 8 monthly sessions. This works out to under $35/session

Missed Sessions: All sessions will be recorded and a link to the recording provided within 24 hours of each class session.


Please be in touch with Ruth with any comments, questions, concerns you might have.

Registration Information

Fee: $275 for 8 monthly sessions.

Missed Sessions: All sessions will be recorded and a link to the recording provided within 24 hours of each class session.

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For more information please be in touch with Ruth.

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