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Creating your Special Project: an exploration with Focusing and TAE (8 weeks)

Who do you want to be? What is it you want to bring into the world? In this 8-week course you will have a safe space, guidance and companionship to discover something about yourself.

Your Hosts

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Monika Catarina Lindner
Annette Francesca Dubreuil

Monika Lindner, Focusing Trainer and Experiential-Concept-Coach (ECC), and Annette Dubreuil, Coordinator-in-Training

Who do you want to be? What is it you want to bring into the world? In this 8-week course you will have a safe space, guidance and companionship to discover something about yourself. We will give you support to connect with your inner knowing, a kind of certainty you feel in your body but that you are not yet able to express.

The course is an opportunity to spend time with your wanting or project in both an embodied and more than logical way. Like being in contact with a yet undiscovered treasure box. With FOCUSING, a practice laid out by philosopher and psychotherapist Eugene T. Gendlin, you will get in touch with your Felt Sense and be able to develop surprisingly fresh understandings that make a difference, especially in how you are with your special project or issue. By adding certain moves of THINKING AT THE EDGE (TAE), another practice Gendlin, Mary Hendricks and Kye Nelson created, we will show you how you can speak more and more precisely from your Felt Sense. In doing so, you will discover important details by redefining key terms, becoming aware of paradoxes or clarifying the richness of your lived experience. You will end with your own concept map of your project that deeply grounds you in your personal values and wants. It works like a guiding map into your everyday life in order to help you to define concrete action steps that feel right.

The teaching will include basic terms of Gendlin’s philosophy, as well as an overview of the first 12 TAE-steps. We will introduce exercises which you will practice in breakout rooms, using rotating partnerships. Partners will take notes for each other to capture words and ideas, ensuring they are available for the ongoing process.

We will also spend time each class unpacking how our processing with TAE is affecting us, and take some time to do some Focusing. This integration work provides a strong container to support the journey in getting to know ourselves as we develop our special project.

To deepen your practice and allow for further unfolding, it is encouraged to form a partnership with another participant to meet between classes.

Course Teachers

Annette Dubreuil, PUPA

Annette Dubreuil is an Embodied Creativity Facilitator, Focusing Teacher (Certified Focusing Professional) and environmentalist living in Toronto, Canada. She teaches pausing, intuition and embodiment to catalyze creativity and sustainable change in individuals and their teams—for their organizations, communities and the planet. With organizations she uses a host of embodied creativity facilitation tools, including Theory U/Social Presencing Theatre, Dynamic Facilitation, and Open Space Technology. Annette teaches Focusing to individuals, one-on-one and in groups. Her previous work was communications for sustainability and climate change research projects, most recently as communications director at Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission. Annette is certified to teach Focusing through The International Focusing Institute. She has completed the Presencing Foundation Program in Theory U at MIT. She has an MBA in sustainability and non-profits from the Schulich School of Business, and an undergraduate degree in environmental science from the University of Waterloo.

Monika Catarina Lindner, Dipl.-Päd. Univ.
Focusing Trainer and Experiential-Concept-Coach (ECC)

Monica is an educationalist with a focus on intercultural learning and works as a project manager for German courses and lecturer at a university. She is a certified Focusing trainer and as an Experiential Concept Coach/Trainer (ECC) she specializes in teaching the philosophical practice "Thinking At the Edge" (TAE). She trains in Focusing and in ECC, a 5-part coaching training based on "Thinking At the Edge" that teaches the application of the 14 steps for individual processes, for use in groups, and for creating an innovative (corporate) culture. Her offering includes individual sessions, advanced training in Focusing and TAE, and facilitation of groups who want to develop a project in a creative and experiential way. The courses take place in German, English and Spanish, at different course locations and also online.  Her intention as coordinator in training is to offer Focusing and TAE to educators and the broad field of education. As a member of the international research group "Embodied Critical Thinking" ( at the University of Iceland, her research is motivated to open up pedagogical questions with Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit.

Timing and other details


Tuesdays, January 24 - March 21st 2023 (no class February 14th)
Time: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm Eastern (New York Time)

Course location: Zoom

Course size: this course is capped at 16 people

Who is this group for? The group is designed for all levels of Focusers. Some previous Focusing training is required as you need to be able to access your Felt Sense and hold space. This beginner training can be learned in Annette’s 4-week beginner course.

The course provides one's own experience with the thinking movements of TAE, which is the basis for guiding others. Therefore it is an introduction to Monica’s series "Experiential Concept Coach" , an application of Focusing and TAE in coaching individuals and groups.

It is also part of Annette’s PUPA Journey and Focusing training (see below)

Language: English (The instructors have fluency in German, French and Spanish languages, and can translate for english as a second language speakers as needed.)

Sliding scale pricing: There are spots available at a reduced rates to make the course more accessible. Please view the sliding scale fees guidance document for details and codes if you need support.


  • You can take this class as a stand alone experience, continue on with the whole PUPA journey, or whatever course or courses resonate with you.

  • Consisting of five courses, the journey covers learning Focusing, learning about who you are, discovering who you want to be and what you want to bring into the world with TAE (this course), transforming a large block using the 8Cs of self-leadership, and finally a course on taking action with embodied leadership.

  • The journey can also be extended to the PUPA Focusing Training Programme, which includes additional requirements to become a Certified Focusing Professional with The International Focusing Institute.



Annette Dubreuil [email protected]

Monika Lindner [email protected]

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