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Creating Space for Lasting Change

Level 3 Focusing Class

Your Hosts

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Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019

Your Hosts

Event Image
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019

Sandy Jahmi Burg

Where & When

Class meets six times every other week on Weds from 7-9pm ET. Sept 22 - Dec 8, 2021
Eastern Time, New York, USA

Online Joining Information

Online info:

For the Video Web Conference class, we will be utilizing a program called Zoom. You will need to download it onto your computer or phone to join us via video. You can also attend audio only via your phone. You’ll be in a conference space with myself as teacher and a group of friendly fellow learners from all over the world. With video, we will be able to see each other. We will use breakout rooms for our paired exercise during class.

Video Web seminars work amazingly well. Hope to see you here!

Meeting Format

LEVEL 3 is called The Guide’s Journey. My Favorite Level when I did my initial training!

Here we learn the typical ‘shape’ of a Focusing session, so we know what stage the process is in and what reminder would be most helpful. We dip deeper into our understanding of body as process by exploring it as a dance of neurobiology and physiology. This expands our sense of Presence in an experiential way we notice in our daily life. We learn here to be aware of and bigger than, our inner process alongside something that has learned to help us with the stages of process. We’ll discover more ways to bring Focusing into our daily life as we learn invitations here which very much adapt to our everyday relationships.

There is a lot of new information in this level. We utilize Ann Weiser Cornell's and Barbara McGavin's Student Manual Part 2 here. By extending the class over a period of months, we’ll give ourselves space and time to integrate this information at a deep level. There are no assistants in this class. I hope that each of you will sometime volunteer to participate as either Focuser or Companion in a Demo.

In addition to the six classes, I have added an additional 30 min one-to-one with me individually to this level. This gives us an opportunity to really check in around your process.

If you are a healing professional or have opportunities to support others (kids, clients, friends, etc!!) as they process a life situation, the guiding tools of Level 3 and one’s growing ability to understand every relational encounter as somewhere ‘in process’, are invaluable skills. This is also a great level to consider repeating sometime. Class sizes are limited to 8, sometimes 10. 

This class will flow into a Level 4 that meets for 8 times. This is currently scheduled to begin Jan 12 and end April 20 of 2022. Schedules are sometimes adjusted for the needs of the group. More information on Level 4 is here:



6 Wednesday evenings via Zoom videoconference
7 – 9 pm EDT, 6 – 8 pm CDT, 5 – 7 pm MDT, 4 – 6 pm PDT

Sept 22, Oct 6, Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17, Dec 8

Prerequisite: Level 2 Focusing
Course fee $210 ($170 if you are repeating this level)

Register By: Monday, Sept 13

**Note Daylight savings time changes November 7 for me. Our time will shift backward 1 hour for the last class. If you are not on the same time shift, take this into account.

There will be lectures, demonstrations, question periods, group exercises and paired exercises. You will be paired to practice a Focusing exercise with another participant or possibly me each class session. There will also be an additional paired homework exercise between sessions that will take approximately an hour. This additional exercise is usually done over the phone or videoconference. Please plan to attend all sessions for the full time of the meeting. Missing one class is still easy to keep up with us. If you miss more than one class, we'll talk about ways to make it up or it may be best to repeat the level. 


Contact me at [email protected] to register.

Registration Information

Payment can be made via Paypal or check mailed to my address closer to the event starting date.

Please register early if the dates/times work well for you. Class size is limited to 8 to 10 participants. 

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