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Thinking at the Edge TAE - Learning the STEPS first

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Nada Lou

Nada Lou

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May 24th 2023 - June 13 2024

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TAE practice in 14 steps is designed  by Dr. Eugene T. Gendlin in such a way that personal project is built up by following each step in succession.   

Steps can be learned in succession. They can be discovered and used also separately.

It is beneficial for you to know the whole available selection of steps. They represent parts of Dr. Gendlin’s Philosophy of the Implicit Entry.

I believe and support  Gendlin’s teaching style by guiding you through this practice and learning the Steps in such way first. This will help you experience the gradual discovery of capacity to think from your felt sense. It also supports breaking the language barrier for free felt sensing language to appear. 

This course is designed for students who are:



STUDENTS who took this course with me in the last 20 years

and desire to achieve TAE Proficiency Award.

For more information  see at my website:

Fees and registration to be arranged individually by contacting [email protected]  

Nada systematically & patiently covered the exercises in Module 1starting at Step 0. This is the best introduction to TAE that I have attended of many courses with TAE in their title. (Participant at TAE Academy November 2022)


Fees and registration to be arranged individually by contacting [email protected]  

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