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Connecting in a Time of Isolation

Continuing to Face the Pandemic as One World Community

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

The International Focusing Institute



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Connecting in a Time of Isolation:
Continuing to Face the Pandemic as One World Community

Live Call - Online or by Phone
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Tuesday, March 31, 6:30 am Eastern Daylight Time (US)
(midday in Europe late evening in Asia and Australia/NZ)
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All over the world, we are forced to withdraw from live contacts with others in response to the threat of the novel coronavirus. TIFI wants to support its members during this stressful period of anxiety, loss and confusion

Last Saturday TIFI held two Zoom meetings so that members of the Focusing community could connect during this difficult time. Clearly, many feel a need and desire for more connection, to process the anxiety and hardship that the coronavirus outbreak has brought. Due to the overwhelming response, we are pleased to make this opportunity available again.

We invite you to attend one (or both) of two Zoom gatherings on Tuesday, March 31.  These gatherings are a chance for us to support one another during this challenging time, and to connect with one another virtually. During these 90-minute meetings, we will gather first as a large group, then break into small groups for Focusing and compassionate listening.

These meetings are intended for members of The International Focusing Institute who have at least a basic knowledge of Focusing; however, no one will be turned away.   If you aren't a member, please consider becoming one here or making a donation of any size.  (This is not required for attendance.)

LANGUAGE:  This Zoom meeting will be in English.  If translation is needed, it will have to be written in the chat.  (We cannot provide translators, but we encourage you to invite someone who can translate for you.  Please make sure that that person registers.)

If there are at least 2 speakers of another language, we will try to place you in a small group with others who speak your language for sharing or Focusing if you desire. When you log into the meeting, we will ask you to type your languages next to your name under your screen image to facilitate this process.

We hope that some of you will want to follow up this meeting with similar ones in your own languages. We would be happy to help you. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to do that.





Registration Details

Registration Closes: Tuesday March 31 at 06:00 am.

Zoom: This meeting will take place on an online video conference service called Zoom.



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