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Coffee with Gendlin - From Philosophy into Practice

10+1 Monthly Online sessions

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Coffee with Gendlin

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Coffee with Gendlin

Evelyn Fendler-Lee


Meeting Format

How to Bring More of Gendlin's Philosophy into Practice?

Gendlin's work is about how to think with the implicit. He provides a language to talk about it, and he demonstrates how to think with the implicit in talking about it.

Sitting in my comfortable chair with a cup of morning coffee and enjoying reading Gendlin, I often thought about how to harvest more of his work.

I am very excited to offer this new format of Coffee Talks and share some ideas about CROSSING and how it can be applied in your private and professional life.

Here are the topics we will address

in addition to the Free Online Session on January 30, "How to Unlock What's Stuck through Crossing"

  • February 27: Everything by everything - The concept and fun exercises

  • March 27: How to cross between different dimensions: words – statements – situations – fields

  • April 24: Cascading: A step by step crossing when finding the newness is difficult

  • May 29: Crossing as an evolving concept in A Process Model

  • June 26: Cross-applying: Enriching instead of Arguing

  • July 31: The power of lived experience: Crossing of patterns from past situations into present and future(?) situations

  • August 28: Felt Sense formation is crossing and how crossing deepens felt-sensing

  • September 25: Can you cross more than two things at once?

  • October 30: How crossing can solve dilemmas and overcome ambiguities

  • November 27: Interacting with each other: How to listen in a crossing way

We will meet every last Saturday from February - November 2021 (11 am - 1 pm EST). Each time you will gain another feature to deepen your thinking and an exercise for practicing. A voluntary partnership following the talk will allow you to try it out.

The sessions will be recorded to listen to them if you cannot make it. You will have access to the recordings, the presentations, and the exercises in your learning portal.

Registration Information

One Year Subscription for 10+1 sessions: $ 197

You will find all information for signing up here:

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