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Being a person with another person - 7 week, online, advanced listening course

Explore and deepen your listening to yourself and others in a Felt Sensing way

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Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo

Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo, ,MSc Counselling, Certified Focusing Professional

“The essence of working with another person is to be present as a living being. And that is lucky, because if we had to be smart, or good, or mature, or wise, then we would probably be in trouble. But, what matters is not that. What matters is to be a human being with another human being, to recognize the other person as another being in there.”

(Gendlin 1990, p. 205)
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This course is for you, if you:

  • want to deepen your listening in a Focusing partnership,
  • are interested in the relational side of Focusing partnership,
  • want to deepen your listening as a helping professional,
  • have been looking for ways to bring Focusing more into your everyday life,
  • want to deepen your listening to yourself and to the life in you, and in your relationships

With Focusing partnerships as our starting point, we will:

  • Learn and/or deepen the practice of landing in the “we-space”, and finding a fresh rhythm from there, together
  • Explore saying “yes” to experience
  • Explore the thought that maybe the words you say hardly count, because it’s (the contact with and movement from) the place inside, where the words come from, that makes the difference
  • Deepen the practice of speaking from where the Focuser’s words “land” in your body
  • Explore the difficult aspects of listening

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Prices and payment:
Early Bird Price Norwegian Kroner NOK1800-,

Price Norwegian Kroner NOK 2000,

Deposit: NOK 500,- to be paid upon registering, via PayPal

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