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Advanced and Certification Weeklong 2021

Crossing and Belonging

Your Hosts

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Beatrice Blake
Tom Larkin
Dan Schachter

Your Hosts

Event Image
Weeklong Logo
Beatrice Blake
Tom Larkin
Dan Schachter

TIFI with facilitation team: Beatrice Blake, Tom Larkin and Dan Schachter



Online Joining Information

All participants will be sent a link to the Weeklong resource page prior to the event.

Meeting Format

Advanced and Certification Weeklong 2021

Crossing and Belonging

July 19 - 24, 2021 (online)

The Weeklong is the flagship event of The International Focusing Institute, begun in 1979. It is intended for all those who are advanced in their practice of Focusing. It is a warm and intimate event, and features a certification ceremony.

This year, we encourage attendees (if it is feasible) to find a place to be away from home while attending the Weeklong online. If possible, arrange to be somewhere with great internet service which will allow you to be away from your everyday life, in order to have a retreat during the week.

In the early days, anyone who wanted to become certified by the Institute was required to attend a Weeklong.  Now, the Weeklong is still a celebration of our international certification, but it is so much more. 

At the Weeklong, you are invited to connect or re-connect with our diverse international community.  It is a rare opportunity to be with an intimate group of advanced practitioners, to learn from one another and to share your wisdom. 

Benefits of the Weeklong

The Weeklong can reinvigorate or launch your work, and strengthen the foundation of your life-long participation in our global Focusing community.  It is led by a Facilitation Team of Coordinators from different countries and backgrounds.  They are supported by several Collaborating Coordinators, and together this team creates an event rich with learning and sharing.

At the Weeklong, you will deepen or learn new skills, connect with others through common interests, experience a variety of cultural perspectives, and build upon the legacy of Focusing and The International Focusing Institute. There are also ample opportunities to share your skills and your particular Focusing approach.

At the Weeklong, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of your special place in the ongoing evolution of Focusing and the worldwide Focusing community;
  • Deep and life-long connections to Focusers from around the world who share your passion and interests and can offer you continuing support and contact as you take your next steps;
  • Practical skills to help you to deepen your Focusing practice, professionally and personally;
  • A new or renewed sense of clarity and confidence about how you can offer your own gift of Focusing freshly to the world.

At past Weeklongs, people found they were able to more deeply discover themselves, their gifts, and their aliveness through the experience of deep connection in a profoundly accepting and supportive community — a community that has continued long after the week was completed. The Focusing Weeklong is not just about deepening our understanding and practice of Focusing, but deepening our understanding of ourselves and what we bring to the global community.

Features of the Weeklong                                                                    Características del Weeklong

Daily Presentations – Each day the main presentation will be offered live but will also be recorded.  These presentations will include simultaneous translation to Spanish.

Home Groups – These are groups of about 10-15 people, facilitated by one of our Facilitation Team (or a Coordinator who has volunteered to lead one).  Home Groups give you a chance to form deep connections with an international small group.  Depending on where you live, your Home Group will either meet from 3pm to 5pm Eastern US time or from 4am to 6am Eastern US time.

Opportunities For You To Present Workshops (optional)– You can submit a proposal for a workshop to offer during the Weeklong.  We will do our best to accommodate all who wish to give a presentation.  We will send you information about that very soon.

Opportunities To Hang Out For Fun, Conversation Or Focusing (optional)– We will create times during the week when the Zoom room will be open for you to be spontaneous with one another.

Certification Ceremony - We finish our week in celebration. It is a warm and intimate event. During the certification ceremony, whether you are being certified or not, you will be able to locate yourself and your teachers in the history of the Focusing movement on our Focusing timeline.

The Schedule

Read Schedule

Attendance Requirements

IMPORTANT: IF YOU SIGN UP, YOU ARE COMMITTING TO ATTENDANCE  – The hallmark of the Weeklong is the building of community cross-culturally among Focusers from all over the world.  To maintain the nature of the intimacy of the Weeklong, if you sign up, you must commit to attending all Home Groups and all Presentations. (Presentations may be watched after-the-fact if you live in a place where the time of day is impossible for you, but we ask that you do your best to watch them prior to your Home Group.)  We also ask you to make an effort to attend as many of the optional events as possible.

The Facilitation Team

Beatrice Blake, New Hampshire, US.  Focusing coordinator. Beatrice gives online classes, in English and Spanish, in Focusing, Thinking at the Edge, Nonviolent Communication for Focusers, and Trainer Certification.

Tom Larkin, Dublin, Ireland.  Tom is a psychotherapist in private practice in Dublin. He is a Certifying Focusing Coordinator, a Children Focusing trainer and a Forest Therapy Guide.

Dan Schachter, Tel Aviv, Israel. Focusing coordinator, Focusing Oriented Therapist, and clinical psychologist in private practice. Dan teaches Focusing, TAE (Thinking at the Edge) and the philosophy of the implicit, and he is a member of the TIFI Focusing Weeklong Core Team.

Workshops and Activities

How TAE helps us think from our own experience - Beatrice Blake

Thinking at the Edge shows us how to bring our felt sense of situations into our thinking process, thus complementing other forms of information. The challenges our planet faces will not be solved only by science and technology, although we very much need what they provide. Their data must be balanced by the very human data provided by felt sensing.

In this workshop, the first step is to get in touch with a felt sense of something that fascinates you, or something you have been curious about for awhile—something you would like to do, create, resolve, explain, etc.

Next, you’ll allow your felt sense to “hand you” two moments in your life that somehow relate to your felt sense--even if it’s not immediately obvious why those incidents are relevant.

We will work on identifying the details of our “instances” and discovering the unique "patterns" they form. Hopefully, we will have time to “cross” these patterns. Crossing  deepens our understanding of the original felt sense.

Focusing With Nature - Tom Larkin

Eugene Gendlin said, “There is no ‘body’ apart from the environment. The body generates itself in the environment, out of environment … Living things are always already both body and environment”*. This workshop will be an opportunity to explore experientially what this statement might mean as it relates to our natural environment. For participants it will open up the possibility to make or remake a connection with nature and will model a way of being in the natural world.

You are invited to participate, by phone, tablet or computer, from a safe and familiar outdoor space near you - that could be from a local park or from your garden or from inside your own home either looking out on the natural world or with house plants. Offering Focusing and Forest Therapy invitations, Tom will guide participants in a gentle exploration of their natural environment.
The process draws its inspiration from, and is a crossing of Focusing with Forest Therapy, a form of Shinrin Yoku (translated from Japanese as Forest Bathing).

Diversity in Process - Dan Schachter

Diversity is a central principle and guideline of Focusing and of the Focusing community. The Philosophy of the Implicit shows how all concepts are in process. This year we will have a fresh look at Diversity at this particular moment. How is our commitment to Diversity influenced by the pandemic? How do we relate to The TIFI board's initiative to update the Institute's Diversity Statement?

Are we diverse enough? What are the forces restricting Diversity?  How can we better live up to this ideal and principle?

Our Collaborating Coordinators

Our collaborating coordinators will facilitate small group meetings - called "home groups" each day and may present a workshop. Watch this space for specifics coming soon.


Being multi-lingual is an important value of The International Focusing Institute and of the Weeklong.  We will offer simultaneous translation to Spanish for all main presentations.  We can offer a Home Group in Spanish.  Certainly, a Home Group could be created in another language as well, if there are enough participants who wish to speak that language. 


Dr. Janet KleinThanks to the family of Dr. Janet Klein and other generous donors, scholarship money is available to help you attend the Advanced and Certification Weeklong. Application Deadline April 15, 2021.

Read More & Apply       Leer más y aplicar

Certification Fee Discount

If you paid your certification fee with TIFI after January 2017 and have not yet attended the Weeklong, we will deduct $300.  Please email [email protected] before registering to apply this discount.

Workstudy Discounts ($100 off)

Record and Upload Zoom sessions - English (2)

Record and Upload Zoom sessions - Spanish (2)

Tech host back-up (up to 4) - to be called on if tech host is unavailable

Spanish/English "buddy" back-up - (up to 4)

To apply for or ask questions about workstudy: email [email protected]

Registration Details

You must be a member of the Institute to attend. If you are not a member please join before registering.

Early Registration Tuition $500 (before July 1)

Regular Registration Tuition $550 (July 1- July 19)

Scholarship funds - please see the section on Janet Klein Scholarships

To apply the certification fee discount, please email [email protected] before registering.

Payment plans are available. For a payment plan, please call our office at 845-480-5111 or email [email protected] to register.

Cancellation Policy - for cancellations received before July 1, 2021 - $150 cancellation fee. After July 1, no refund is available except in the case of unavoidable emergency.

Registration closes July 19, 2021


1. Please read Attendance Requirements

2. This is an event intended for those who are advanced in their Focusing training.  If you are not already certified (or being recommended for certification during this Weeklong), please ask your Coordinator to send us a recommendation for you to come.  If you don't have a relationship with a Coordinator but feel that you are advanced enough to attend, please write to Elizabeth at [email protected]

2021-03-10T05:00:00 - 2021-07-19T13:00:00

$ 500.00

Early Bird Tuition

TIFI reserves the right to cancel, change and alter the program if necessary. Participants authorize TIFI to use their name, statements and likeness without charge, for promotional purposes in publications, advertising, video, web, new media, or other formats.

At many of our events, we will end class by taking a screenshot.  All those who don't want to be included will have the chance to leave.  Taking screenshots for sharing (such as on social media) are not allowed at other times during the class.  Thanks for your cooperation.

By registering for this course with the Institute, and in consideration of the right and opportunity to participate in and contribute to the Institute’s classes, for the purposes of its control of all video and/or audio recordings thereof pertaining to uses serving our purposes and goals, in enrolling in this session you acknowledge and agree to the Institute’s ownership of all rights in such classes, including all rights under copyright therein.  In no circumstance shall any portion or clip posted or displayed exceed 3 minutes in duration.  If you plan to use, post or display any portion or clips of these recordings, including posting these to a website or to a social media platform or portal, you agree that you will seek and obtain the prior approval of the Institute.

For more information:

Contact Elizabeth at [email protected] or (845) 480-5111.

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