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2020 Midwest Focusers Gathering - Saturday, September 26, 2020

1 day only - Virtually (by Zoom)

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Facilitated by Linda Bourassa, Joya D'Cruz, Zena Goldenberg, John Harvey, Jim Iberg, Mary Elaine Kiener


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This year, our 2020 Midwest Focusers Gathering will consist of a single-day virtual offering (by Zoom) on Saturday, September 26. 

Three years ago, a group of Midwest Focusers began gathering together annually to support each other in living Focusing in our daily lives.  Together, while creating a space for listening, we practice attending to our bodily-felt senses, sharing what we learn while being in community with each other.

During this time of Covid-related restrictions, it feels increasingly important to provide an opportunity to reconnect with self and others within a nourishing shared space.  Although we are not able to gather in-person over an expanded weekend, we are designing this year’s Gathering to help us build upon our original goals while continuing to create an expanded sense of cohesive community.

This year’s scaled-down virtual Gathering will be held in 3 parts as indicated below (Note: All times listed in EASTERN):

  • 10-11:30 am - Opening/Welcome/Extended Check-Ins

  • 1-3 pm - Virtual Changes

  • 4-5:30 pm - Focusing Fun-Ease/Closing

There is no fee to participate in this year’s Gathering.  

Attendees are welcome, whether or not they have attended previous Gatherings.

Experience with Focusing and Listening partnerships is preferred.

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