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1-Year Certification Course with International Guest Teachers (43 CEU Credits)

Fundamentals of Focusing Listening, Guiding & Use in Clinical Practice with a Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award & 43 CEU Credits

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Focusing One Year Certification Program (43 CE Credits)

Charlotte Howorth with International Guest Teachers

Where & When

May 7th, 2023, 10am-2:00pm
Eastern Time

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Online Joining Information

Charlotte will provide a Zoom link for classes.

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In this one-year training students learn the core essentials of Focusing Listening, Guiding & use in any clinical Practice (43 CEU Credits).

This course has started already but is easy to join at this early stage.

Students learn how to help client’s ‘go inside’ to find, open, and facilitate the forward movement of a felt sense, leading to transformation and lasting change.  In addition, students also begin to learn how to use focusing in the more fast pace of conversations.

Topics include – presence, focusing attitude, resonant reflection, fire engine words, making a something, acknowledging and keeping company, Clearing a Space, right distance, Critic, how to use reminders/cushions, finding the ‘spot’ to go in, working with different levels of experiencing in clients, avenues into the felt sense, shift questions, working with the leading edge, working with resonance, the different phases of a focusing session and how to work with them, working with parts, working with younger places.

One Individual 1-hour session with Charlotte before starting classes (to be transcribed by student).

Twelve 3.5-to-4-hour classes with teachers and including coaches (approximately monthly)

Ten 2-2.5-hour online meetings in smaller groups of approximately 4 students with a coach. Here, students will do experiential exercises.

Weekly Focusing dyads

 At the end of the year if students meet all the criteria they will be certified as Proficiency as Focusing Partner (PFP).

Students then have to option of continuing with the second year of the course to become certified as Focusing Professionals, Focusing Oriented Therapists, and Focusing Teachers.


[email protected]

+1 (347) 489 9587

Registration Information

Please contact Charlotte on [email protected] or, +1 (347) 489 9587

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