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Being Seriously Playful

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

with Rene Veugelers


in Friesland, The Netherlands

Invite yourself to come to an intensive international 5 day Focusing training in July about: A unique possibility to experience "Dynamic Focusing"! It will be from Monday, the 8th of July (18 pm CEST) till Saturday the 13th (13 pm CEST).

Several topics are essential and will be covered: Listening in three directions; The Emerging Body language;  Unconditional authentic empathy, Creating space, Safety and boundaries, Contact/ Contract; Selfcare; Working with symbolisations/ expression and of course (pre-verbal) inner child work.

This training is accredited by The International Focusing Institute as an essential part  of the whole 60 hour (10 days) Children Focusing Training.

For more information, visit or contact René Veugelers, Focusing coördinator for adults and Children: [email protected]

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