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Thinking At The Edge - Online

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Beatrice Blake



Online Joining Information

Connect to individual sessions on your computer or smartphone via Zoom, a free video conference service. The link to Zoom and class materials will be sent when you sign up for individual sessions.

Meeting Format

Are you working on a creative project but getting stuck? Are you afraid that you’ll just lose interest and drop the whole thing?

Is there something that you’d like to write about but you just don’t know how or where to begin?

Maybe you want to discover in a totally new direction that makes use of all you have learned from life.

Or translate years of experience into words that make people’s eyes light up.

With Thinking at the Edge, your plans and projects will finally get the time and space they need to grow. You will learn how to ground your thinking in your own lived experience, bringing life to your ideas in a way that can’t be reached by intellect alone. Your project will become imbued with heart-felt breadth, depth, and commitment.

“I am taking up my idea again! TAE has given me the space to enter deeply into my idea, to feel it, say it, write it. Now I can approach my idea in a new way. I’m very happy because I think it will be very different from what I was doing before–very, very different. I like how I am with it now.”
Jorge Jordán, Spain

Prerequisites: Some background in Focusing and a free half-hour introductory session with Beatrice. You will be given the link to my video conference room once we agree on a time to meet.

Class format:
All sessions will connect via Zoom, a video conferencing system that allows us to see and hear each other. You can connect for free from your laptop or smartphone.

Dates and times: There are no current dates for a class in English right now. Let me know dates and times that work for you, and I will see if we can get a group together. See the option for individual sessions below.

What people are saying:

“Your unique ability to listen and orient me to my felt sense is grounded in warmth, understanding and wisdom. TAE has helped me see my next step forward.”
–Donna Nisha Cohen, New York

“Beatrice, you deliver what I had hoped TAE could do for me.”
–Joann Parks, California


For more information please fill out the contact form here and Beatrice will get back to you.

If you’re ready to sign-up, visit the Possibility Space website.

Registration Information

US$295 per person for a class of four people or more, 7 two-hour sessions

US$395 per person for a class of two or three people , 7 two-hour sessions

US$495 for 7 individual one-hour sessions

Payment can be by check or PayPal. Payment details will be given at time of sign-up.

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