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Serge Prengel

March 2021 Blog

Conversation with Serge Prengel

by Serge Prengel.



February 2021 Blog

Thinking At The Edge And Working On Hope In Hong Kong

by Eric Kit-wai Ma.


Rob Parker Video

January 2021 Blog

"Focusing, Creativity and Being-Time" by Rob Parker

A video by Rob Parker from the Felt Sense Conference 2019



December 2020 Blog

Thinking At The Edge: From Helplessness To Hope And Clarity

Thinking at the Edge (TAE) has helped me move from feeling powerless in light of the inaction of politicians to address climate change, to a place of hope and clarity, with clear steps ahead for me.

by Merilyn Mayhew


November 2020 Blog

Next International Focusing Conference In France June 2022!

Please be sure to mark your calendars to join us in beautiful France for the next International Focusing Conference. 


October 2020 Blog

Police And Focusing: An Interview With Achim Grube

“And the citizens and the highest-ranking police officer said, ‘No, this cannot be. We have to change.’ And then it did change.”

by Jocelyn Jacks Kahn