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Facilitating Focusing - Live Demonstration Class

Part of the Focusing Highlights Series

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Biliana Dearly



Online Joining Information

The video link will be to an easy to use website called Zoom. In this webinar format, you will see the teachers and host, but you will not be seen. You will be able to ask questions during the webinar by typing them.

You will need to have a computer/mobile device. Calling in by phone is also possible but not preferred. All registered participants will be sent a link to the video recording approximately two weeks following the course. So if you are unable to attend in person, you will still be able to view the class. 

Meeting Format

Friday, August 2, 2019 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EDT

Times worldwide: Click this link for your time.
Registration closes Thursday, August 1 at 4:00 pm Eastern Time

(class will be recorded for participants; no special computer skill or equipment required)

If you want to observe a Focusing session facilitated by an experienced, certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist and trainer in real time, as it is happening, this Focusing Highlight will provide such an opportunity.

This Demonstration Class will begin with Biliana’s brief talk about some aspects of facilitating a Focusing session for someone for the first time. She will then invite a volunteer (one of the participants) onscreen with her and facilitate a session of about 45 minutes. Afterwards, the class participants will have the opportunity for the remaining time to ask questions about the process they just observed. Other relevant topics to be discussed will include: how to introduce Focusing to different people in different settings; how to respond to particular difficulties or special circumstances when facilitating Focusing with someone for the first time; and the various options of starting the session.

This class is for everyone: from beginners without any previous training in Focusing who are curious about it, to advanced Focusing practitioners who want to learn further and refine their skills, as well as all healing practitioners who are looking for learning to work with clients more deeply and efficiently.


Biliana Dearly works as a Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist, lecturer and supervisor in Melbourne, Australia. She has a real passion for sharing the power of Focusing, as both a personal process that can help everyone navigate their life's journey, as well as a therapeutic process that brings deep transformation and lasting change.

As a trainer and educator, Biliana is interested in applying Focusing in experiential and transformative teaching and in developing therapeutic presence, congruence and advanced levels of empathy. Beyond her qualifications and training, Biliana’s passion is to engage in learning about herself and others whole-heartedly, and to create connections within, and between people.

Registration Details

Biliana is offering this class to support The International Focusing Institute. This live online class is pay-what-you-can. The suggested payment for US residents is $30.

If you need to give less, that's fine, but we do require each participant to give something. Please give extra if you can!

Thank you for supporting the Institute.

PLEASE NOTE: Soon after registering, you will receive a confirmation letter which includes the instructions on how to join the event.

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