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The Focusing Partnership Network

A service for members

Welcome to the Partnership Network, a service for eligible members that connects Focusers all over the world who help members find Focusing partners.

It is designed for those who would like to continue and deepen their Focusing. Everyone who is part of the Network will have Focusing skills and experience.

It is open to Coordinators, Coordinators-in-Training, Trainers and members who have a Proficiency as Focusing Partner (PFP) Award only.

When you opt in, using the instructions on the right, your profile will be added to the Network, and you will be free to contact, or be contacted by anyone in the Network.  You may choose to form a long-term partnership, or perhaps focus with several partners in a more short-term way.  Together, you and your partner will work out how often you meet, as well as how long each session lasts.

If you have further questions about the Network, please contact

Learn more about what is involved in Focusing with a partner.