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November 2013: Beatrice Blake

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Beatrice Blake Bio:

Beatrice Blake graduated from UC Berkeley in Social Science and Spanish. She studied acupuncture for four years at the Kototama Institute and was licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in 1982. Her Japanese acupuncture teacher always said “Disease begins in the spirit”, but she didn't  understand how to make that connection until she learned Focusing in 1989. She became a Focusing Trainer in 2000. 

Since 2007, she has taught Focusing and Nonviolent Communication to community groups in El Salvador. Now, two Salvadoran Focusing Trainers are leading Resilience Circles in rural villages with women, youth and children. Find out more at She teaches Giving Language to Stress, a phone class in Applied TAE, with Dr. Evelyn Pross, through The Focusing Institute. She also gives private and small group guided sessions in Thinking at the Edge. Find out more at or email her at

Description of project in El Salvador:


Nuevos Rumbos (New Directions) has developed a practice to foster resilience and well-being in rural communities in El Salvador. Working through already existing community organizations, Nuevos Rumbos teaches Focusing and Nonviolent Communication in order to provide a safe place where adults, youth and children can get in touch with their inner resources for healing, growth and interpersonal communication. Nuevos Rumbos Resilience Circles empower people to reduce stress, depression and conflict, and open doors to creative thinking. Your donation to will help us continue this life-changing work. 

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