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July 2010: John Amodeo

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I am the author of The Authentic Heart: An Eightfold Path to Midlife Love (John Wiley & Sons, 2001) and Love & Betrayal (Ballantine Books) and coauthor of Being Intimate (Arkana/Penguin). I have been a psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area for 30 years, and have immersed myself in Buddhism and spiritual wisdom for 40 years. I am an adjunct faculty member of Meridian University and I was a writer and contributing editor with Yoga Journal for ten years. I have spoken internationally on love and relationships, and have been interviewed or written articles for publications that include The Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, The Rocky Mountain News, Cosmopolitan Magazine. I have appeared as a featured media guest on programs that include CNN, CNBC, Donahue, and New Dimensions. I am a Focusing Trainer I also have training in Somatic Experiencing for trauma and Emotionally-Focused Therapy for couples (EFT).

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