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February 2014 Newsletter

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  February 2014
kye Welcome!

Dear Focusing Community,

This month we have a conversation with host Serge Prengel and guest Jan Bronson on the concept of "with." The topic of their conversation is also continued in a paper that Jan wrote.

Looking for a warm and relaxing alternative to this chilly winter? Register for our featured upcoming retreat in Mexico!

New conference information has been added to the TFI website, so please visit the links below to our conferences, retreats and workshops, including the First International Assembly of Co-ordinators, the International Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference and new information on the The 26th International Focusing Conference.

Don't miss the resources section! This month we are pleased to announce the publication of the 2014 Folio: FOCUSING AND... Crossings and Integrations.

Update from The Focusing Institute's New Board:

Christmas Day was the eighty-seventh birthday of our founder, Gene Gendlin. Focusers all over the world will want to rejoice with him and to celebrate the fact that he is still the same Gene, warm and brilliant, loving and empathic, and still (of course) working. He is writing a new philosophical paper this winter, in which he will carry his thinking yet further. Read more in 中文, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, or 日本語

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In this issue:

February 2014 Focusing conversation: Jan Bronson
New Resources

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February 2014 Focusing Conversation: Jan Bronson

Hosted by Serge Prengel

Listen to podcast: Jan Bronson

This month's Focusing Conversation features Jan Bronson. In addition to this conversation, Jan also shares a short article about "Taking Focusing to the Street: Two Exercises/Practices" as part of our "Carrying Forward" series. In this section of the website, we are featuring ways to translate our experience of focusing in a way that feels relevant to the people we want to communicate with.

Beatrice Blake


Upcoming Conferences, Retreats and Workshops

Pacific Winter Retreat: Stepping Forward Into MY LIFE
February 15-22, 2014 in Chacala, Mexico with Charlotte Howorth, Karen Whalen, and Mónica Gómez Galaz. Space limited to 30 participants - register now!

Focusing Level Two: A residential, in-depth experience
Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell on May 9-11, 2014 at Stony Point Conference Center, Stony Point, NY. The second course in the Focusing Training Program supports you in deepening your experience with Focusing and being a Focusing partner in many ways.

Generative WholeBrain Thinking
May 13-14, 2014 (suitable to combine with Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference) at Stony Point, NY. A TAE Program with Nada Lou, C.C. INVIGORATE YOUR COMMUNICATION with GENERATIVE TAE

International Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference
The Third International Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference will take place on May 14-18, 2014 at Stony Point New York, an hour outside of NYC. Workshop and panel information has been added to the website.

The First International Assembly of Co-ordinators
Sunday, May 18, 2014 through Wednesday May 21, 2014 at Stony Point Center, about 1 hour north of NYC. For the first time ever, a two-and-a half-day face-to-face assembly just for Co-ordinators of the Focusing Institute. This International Assembly will be the first time in history that the Co-ordinators of the Focusing Institute are gathering for an extended period of time to discuss who we are, how we want to be together, and how we want to be in the world. More information in English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語

FISS 2014: 9th Annual Focusing Institute Summer School
August 15 - 21, 2013 at Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York. Beginners Welcome! How would you like to spend one week of your summer vacation at the Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) learning more about Focusing than you ever thought possible? Imagine yourself developing an "emotional muscle" to deal with difficult situations that consist of fear, stress and frustration. The Summer School is appropriate for anyone, at all levels of Focusing, from beginners to Focusing teachers, for both personal and professional development. Bring a friend and get a discount! Fees are based on date that the order is placed and on type of room selection.

The 8th Children Focusing Conference
Portarlington (near Dublin) Ireland from 8th to 12th October 2014. The theme is Éist, the power of listening for our children. Éist is the Irish word for 'listen'. Full details and booking on the website.

The 26th International Focusing Conference
The 26th International Focusing Conference will be Wednesday July 29 to Sunday Aug. 2, 2015, with a Coordinators' meeting the day before, July 28, 2015. We will meet on the Seattle University campus.


Featured Event

Pacific Winter Retreat: Stepping Forward Into MY LIFE

"Connecting to the Universe of my Whole Living Body"

February 15-22, 2014 ~ Chacala, Mexico

Space limited to 30 participants – Register now!


The Focusing Institute invites you to gather for a week of Focusing and fun by the Pacific Ocean at the beautiful Mar de Jade retreat center. Connect with your mind, body and spirit through a program centered on whole body focusing, spirituality, creativity, and play, with offerings in both English and Spanish.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring freshness and aliveness to your life, with warmth, sunlight, ocean, and a supportive community of Focusers. In addition to classes, there will be ample time to Focus every day, as well as to rest and play.

This program is suited to both beginners and experienced Focusers.

Click here for more information
or to register!


New Resources

Click on the links below to see some of the new items that have been added to the TFI website over the past few months.


Folio Cover Folio: FOCUSING AND... Crossings and Integrations

This new Folio addresses the subject of 'Crossings' and 'Integrations' of Focusing... AND the 'crossings' that people in our community are doing are really quite astounding - from Focusing and Jung to Focusing and Architecture!


1/2014 Update from The Focusing Institute's New Board in 中文, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, or 日本語

12/2013 Minutes from The Focusing Institute Board Meetings December 18 and 19, 2013

12/2013 Minutes from The Focusing Institute Board Meeting December 16, 2013

12/2013 November 2013 In Focus Newsletter is now on the website.

11/2013 Identity Restoration, Posttraumatic Growth and Cultural Connectedness by Alexis Phillips and Shaun Phillips. Published in TFI Newsletter In Focus November 2013

11/2013 November 2013: Our November conversation features a discussion with guest Beatrice Blake. This is part of the "conversations" series hosted by Serge Prengel which you can access from the "Felt Community" menu or from to audio file

11/2013 O Cliente do Cliente: O limiar da consciência. Gendlin, E.T. (1984). The client's client : the edge of awareness. In R.L. Levant & J.M. Shlien (Eds.), Client-centered therapy and the person-centered approach. New directions in theory, research and practice, New York : Praeger. Tradução: Prof. Dr. João Carlos Messias [PDF]

11/2013 Pictures from International Celebrate Gene Month Events: October 2013

11/2013  Aider les enfants par le Focusing - Quelques indications pour les accompagnateurs Kilner, S. (2011) Traduction française faite par Chantal Résibois-Kemp et révisée par Marine de Fréminville [PDF]

11/2013 Wat gebeurt er in de act van het focussen? (Deel I). Vertaling van hoofdstuk VIII-A,a van ‘A Process Model’. Vertaald door Aukje Strandstra en Frans Depestele (2010). [PDF]

11/2013 イン・フォーカス September 2013 Japanese In Focus Newsletter

11/2013 Pictures from International Celebrate Gene Month Events: October 2013

10/2013 Updated the "Carrying Forward" webpage with a new article by Beatrice Blake, Introducing Focusing in an experiential way [PDF]

10/2013 Follow Gene Gendlin on Facebook and Twitter

10/2013 The Uniting Image and its Contribution to the Therapeutic Process according to the Focusing Approach by Galia Porat and Liora Bar-Natan

10/2013 A perspective on FOT: The theory and practice of how we integrate experience by Serge Prengel

10/2013 September 2013 In Focus Newsletter is now on the website.



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