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June 2013 Newsletter


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  June 2013
kye Note from Kye

Dear Focusing Community,

This issue of the newsletter explores the power of a pause, during which a felt sense can form, in the midst of an interaction:

Practicing the pause together, in our new Forum on Governance

We have just created a forum which will enable a community-wide conversation about how the Institute is governed. This forum is an opportunity for our entire membership to practice pausing together as we explore a topic central to our community's future. Our hope is that a new model of governance will gradually emerge as we speak and listen in the unrushed and welcoming atmosphere of the pause.  Several members of our community have promised to keep a friendly eye on manner of process in the forum space, to help keep it spacious and pause-friendly.

In the last several years there has been intense interest in our Board structure and bylaws from many in the community, as we look beyond the lifetimes of our first generation. There is a widespread sense that it is time to move beyond our current structures, and many separate conversations have been happening among our members about what kind of governance might best serve us in the next chapter of our existence. 

The forum will make it possible for all these conversations to become visible to one another, and to cross with one another.  It is meant to be an open and welcoming place where all of us can bring many different kinds of possibilities and have them become part of a shared field.  Governance is an enormous topic, and a good governance model has many dimensions to it.  Unlike a discussion list, everything that is written in a forum remains visible and organized, which should help us over time to build a sense of the whole of the topic, as well as different strands of it. 

Any member of the Institute can join in to whatever extent you would like.  If you are not yet a member, this might be a good time to consider joining us.  We will send the password and a link to the forum out to our members next week.

The establishment of this forum opens a new chapter in our life as an organization.  I hope you will come and share in the process as we pause together.  Let's sense what is important to say to each other on our way to ..........

An article and podcast on the pause in interaction

Second, in this issue's podcast Serge Prengel and Anna Christiansen engage in an experiment in conversational pausing.  The content of their conversation is how it is to experiment with the pause in conversation, but the conversation itself is an example of what they are talking about. You can listen in as they encounter one another in a new kind of conversational space.                              

Finally, Greg Madison's article 'The Relational Revolutionary Pause' invites attention to how the pause, used in therapy, makes a space where we discover new ways to come from our person in interaction.  We can "invite another person close while we sense deeper," to a "larger sense of living beyond what society has  fenced off as its perimeter."  We can connect very directly person to person even across cultures, by means of the pause.

Till next month,

- Kye Nelson, Co-Executive Director, The Focusing Institute

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In this issue:

Note from Kye
The relational 'revolutionary pause': How Focusing Therapy welcomes the deeper nature of 'between' by Greg Madison
An experiment in communication, with Anna Christensen and Serge Prengel
Featured Event
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article The relational 'revolutionary pause':

How Focusing Therapy welcomes the deeper nature of 'between'

by Greg Madison

quote   "Our common humanity is palpable... diverse cultures do not have to be a barrier if we are willing to relate from that implicit commonality. Focusing and FOT have spread around the world into diverse cultures because these practices offer a way to connect through to the living source that culture covers over. "

All forms of Focusing offer the possibility of deep transformation.  So much so that I sometimes wonder if, as therapists, we add much extra in Focusing Therapy sessions. What can therapy, especially Focusing Oriented Therapy (FOT), offer that enhances the potential of an already powerful Focusing process? And how can 'therapy', a modern western 'treatment' for individuals, be appropriate for all cultures?

I think there is a role for FOT that could be valuable worldwide, and different from just Focusing. For instance, in therapy we add the therapist as a person for the client to meet. The therapist, like the Focusing Guide, sits in the chair as a full person before s/he adds knowledge, insight, technique, theory, assumptions, or interventions (including Focusing invitations). However, in contrast to most Focusing sessions, with FOT there are two people sitting with their eyes open looking at each other expectantly. The expectation of interaction is different from a guided Focusing session. This creates a culture to be explored. What interaction is expected? How will we live it forward? The situation is already more like the difficult everyday world where we have problems interacting with other people. The likelihood is that between therapist and client we will experience some of the trouble we both usually have in the rest of our lives. In FOT the interpersonal dynamic of 'our new culture’ is explicitly attended to. We call it the relationship. Usually in Focusing sessions the quality of the being-together is fundamentally important but not explicitly talked about. Usually the Focuser is paying attention to the process that we call ‘inner’, already diving into the uniqueness beyond the ‘cultures of meeting’.

FOT offers the unusual experience of attempting to remain connected with the ‘inner’ while simultaneously living with others. Even experienced Focusers can find it difficult to remain connected to themselves when in relationship with other people. After years of Focusing, we still know how to argue without listening (ever been to a Focusing International?). How can we live the intricacy we find through our Focusing in the wider world where culture predominates? FOT works in this territory where we try to integrate our palpable insights into situations with set expectations and social patterns. This kind of therapy is ‘cross-cultural’ by revealing how culture works in us while also touching what is more than culture. Coping with the presence of the therapist while sensing deeply, already gives an experience of how to cope with the neighbors, the workplace, the village elders.

Continue reading this article on TFI website

Greg MadisonGreg Madison is an London-based existential psychologist, senior university lecturer and researcher, and international trainer with extensive writings on existential and experiential therapy and the deeper significance of 'home'. Greg has been a Focuser since 1981 when he was an undergraduate in his native Canada and he is a long-time Certifying Coordinator for the Focusing Institute.


An experiment in communication, with Anna Christensen and Serge Prengel

by Serge Prengel

Click to listen to the conversation with Anna

This conversation is unlike others: It is not an interview through Anna Christensenwhich we get to understand a person's approach to focusing. It is an experiment, in which two people are taking "the pause" as a starting point, and exploring what happens during and after the pause.

The idea of recording this conversation happened as Anna Christensen and I were discussing how to explain, or demonstrate, Focusing to other people. We decided to start recording our conversation, and to try to describe the process itself as we were talking. So, at the beginning of the recording, you have Anna stating what had been happening before. And it goes on from there.

Continue reading this article on TFI website


Upcoming Conferences, Retreats and Workshops

Introductory Weekend: Introducing an Advanced Four Module Certification Training Program on Wholebody Focusing with Karen Whalen, Ph.D. on June 14-16, 2013 in Tatamagouche Centre, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

Giving Language to Stress A 5-week phone course in Applied Thinking at the Edge with Dr. Evelyn Pross and Beatrice Blake, CFT. Sponsored by The Focusing Institute Tuesdays, August 13, 20, 27 and September 3 and 10, 2013. Early Bird Discount through July 13, 2013

FISS 2013: 8th Annual Focusing Institute Summer School
At the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York. August 16-22, 2013.

Focusing with Dreams
September 21 and 22, 2013 in Manhattan with Janet Pfunder. Open to people who have previous Focusing experience.

Zen and Focusing Retreat
Meditation, Focusing, Yoga led by Eleanor Buscher, MS, LPC, NCC and Roshi Paul Genki Kahn, LCSW, DCSW on September 27-29, 2013 at the ZEN GARLAND SANCTUARY, Airmont, NY.

Generative Thinking At The Edge: Part 2 - Moving Forward With Generative TAE October 3-6, 2013 at Stony Point, NY with Nada Lou

Advanced Four Module Certification Training Program on Wholebody FocusingThe Wisdom Body of the Conscious Elder: Carrying the Wholeness of Life Forward Inside our Relationships and Communities at Stony Point Center, New York with Kevin McEvenue and Karen Whalen, Ph.D. Starting October 9-12, 2013.

Connections and Crossings Across Cultures
Advanced and Certification Workshop at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York. November 1-7, 2013.

Third International Conference On Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies
The Third International Conference On Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies will take place on May 15-18, 2014 at Stony Point New York, an hour outside of NYC.


Featured Event

FISS 2013: 8th Annual Focusing Institute Summer School

August 16-22, 2013 at Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York

Focusing Gems Listen to a free recording of a phone seminar with the five Focusing Institute Summer School Teachers, Ann Weiser Cornell, Joan Klagsbrun, Nada Lou, Kevin McEvenue, and René Veugelers, live on the call.

Beginners Welcome!

garrisonHow would you like to spend one week of your summer vacation at the Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) learning more about Focusing than you ever thought possible?

Imagine yourself developing an "emotional muscle" to deal with difficult situations that consist of fear, stress and frustration. Imagine yourself becoming your own best friend feeling safe and at home within yourself. By learning Focusing and making it part of your daily living, you dip into the implicit treasures of your body wisdom. Thus, you become a leader who chooses the right next step in challenging times.

Ordinarily you'd have to travel around the world to study with these five master Focusing teachers... but this week they're going to be all in one place, creating an opportunity for going in depth with Focusing and many of its special applications: to health and healing, to thinking, to dreams, to psychotherapy, to spirituality, and much much more! New to Focusing? You're welcome too! You'll be able to immerse yourself in the company of one teacher and sample all five... make it a time of intensive study or more like a holiday with lots of play and fun... and you'll be in a warm and connected community of Focusing people from all over the world.

The Summer School is appropriate for anyone, at all levels of Focusing, from beginners to Focusing teachers, for both personal and professional development. Bring a friend and get a discount! Fees are based on date that the order isplaced and on type of room selection.

If you would like to join us and need to work out a different financial arrangement, e.g a monthly payment plan, please contact Elizabeth Cantor: 845-362-5222 or

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New Resources

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4/2013 FOCUS-IN RECOVERY by Suzanne L. Noel, CFT, Certifying Coordinator, Costa Rica. [PDF]

4/2013 "I really need some support!" How a Focusing approach allows a child's inner voice to emerge by René Veugelers. Published in TFI Newsletter In Focus April 2013.

4/2013 Updated the In Focus Newsletter page. March 2013 and April 2013 newsletters are now on the website.

WSeeklong podcasts

Connections and Crossings Across Cultures: Advanced and Certification Weeklong

November 1-7, 2013 at the Garrison Institute in New York. Read the Weeklong FAQs and new podcasts from the teachers (pictured above) moderated by Susan Lennox.

4/2013 Defining Moments For Therapists, co-edited by Serge Prengel and Lynn Somerstein. Includes two chapters by FOTs, Susan Rudnick and Robin Kappy. A free PDF version can be downloaded at the website. The concept of the book is as follows: If therapy is a relational process, it takes a person on the therapist's end. The goal of the project is to capture the therapist's evolving sense of self as it is shaped by our experiences as active participants in a creative interaction. The essays in this book are first-person accounts, by eleven therapists, of some "Aha!" moments when they got to understand themselves better, and to understand better why they do what they do.

4/2013 April 2013: William Hernandez. This month's conversation is an invitation to start to explore the pause: Serge Prengel is talking with William Hernandez. Introductory notes for the conversation written by Serge. This is part of our "conversations" series which you can access from the "Felt Community" menu or from


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