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(7 minute excerpt)

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Thinking Freshly From Experiencing – How Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit helps you Think at the Edge.

Nada Lou introduces Eugene Gendlin explaining concepts underlying the practice of Thinking at the Edge (TAE), taken from 200 minute DVD documentary.

Focusing in Focus Productions: Videography by Nada Lou, music by Goran Petrovic

Online clips technical support and collaboration from Simon d’Orsogna

This documentary was shot in Garrison NY 2006.

The video is a 7 minute excerpt from a full length DVD, "Thinking Freshly from Experiencing," available in the TFI store.  The full length DVD is also available from Nada Lou's Focusing Video Productions.

This material is protected by copyright.  It may be freely copied, provided its use is solely for educational purposes, not for financial gain or in a commercial setting.  It should be properly cited when used in any subsequent written work or other media.  ©TFI .  All rights reserved.

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