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Alexander Technique and Focusing
(8 minute excerpt)

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Alexander Technique and Focusing have in common an awareness of the power of "not doing" in order to allow something more to happen.

Wholebody Focusing creates a Context for the Larger Picture to unfold. Focusing is a process in which one makes contact with a special kind of internal bodily awareness. Gendlin named this awareness a "felt sense." A felt sense is the body's sense of a particular problem or situation.

Focusing instructions provide direct access to a bodily knowing which remains undiscovered in most people. Some training is usually required to reach it and enter it.

Kevin McEvenue, an Alexander Technique practitioner and Focusing teacher recounts his journey to combine these practices.

Videography by Nada Lou, this is an excerpt from "Wholebody Focusing."

Focusing in Focus Productions: Videography by Nada Lou, music by Goran Petrovic

Online clips technical support and collaboration from Simon d’Orsogna

The full length DVD is available in the TFI store and from Nada Lou's Focusing Video Productions.

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