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Strategic Planning

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The Focusing Institute Mission Statement:

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Why “Focusing” ?
Everyone has the potential to access and live from their unique bodily-felt knowing.  Focusing, a process grounded in experiential listening, is a powerful way of interacting with this body-felt knowing that leads to mutual respect, authenticity and compassion.  In this way, Focusing fosters peace and harmony in the world.

Who We Are
The Focusing Institute is an international, cross-cultural organization dedicated to supporting individuals and groups world-wide who are practicing, teaching and developing Focusing and its underlying philosophy.

What We Do
The Focusing Institute is committed to the promotion of Focusing and encourages a wide variety of Focusing-based applications and educational methodologies. It also serves as a catalyst for Focusing research, an information hub and custodian of Focusing-related literature, and provides physical and virtual meeting spaces for education, dialogue and interaction.  In these and other ways, the Focusing Institute is committed to sharing and advancing the work of its founder, Eugene Gendlin, and those who have built on his legacy.

Strategic Plan

Much of the work that the Board, International Leadership Council (ILC) and Executive Director have done this year has been engaging in strategic planning through joint meetings once a month (in addition to their regular bi-monthly meetings -- they are a dedicated group!). We began this process in Spring 2015. That summer, at the Seattle International Conference, we developed four goals, and received an enormous response from the community to our request for feedback on those as well. We have spent this past year doing some necessary work between the Board and the International Leadership Council to make sure that our leadership is in alignment before fleshing out the implcations of our goals and the strategies for implementing them.

This process has been an instance of the Institute working in a truly international and felt sensing way. We have worked very hard together to honor the individual experience of each member of the leadership team while working to identify commonly-held priorities and commitments.

The four goals in our Strategic Plan are:

  1. Build an Organization that has the capacity to keep Focusing alive and available to everyone.
  2. Preserve the Integrity of Focusing and foster its Development
  3. Catalyze the development and expand the world-wide availability of programs and applications that are vital, responsive and contextually relevant
  4. Raise the visibility of TFI and effectively communicate the benefits of bodily felt-sensing as a way for people to carry life forward.

In early 2017, we will release a full Strategic Plan.  This is our latest draft of Goals and Strategies for The International Focusing Institute.

GOAL 1:  Build an organization that has the capacity to keep Focusing alive and available to everyone

STRATEGY 1.1 Become the hub that connects & supports world-wide regional organizations & builds a sense of shared values & identity

STRATEGY 1.2 Ensure that individual membership is meaningful and attractive

STRATEGY 1.3 Ensure that the Board and International Leadership Council have clear roles and responsibilities and work well together, within the understanding that the Board's role is to ensure the overall health and long-term sustainability of the organization, while the ILC's role is to ensure that the organization is responsive to the expressed needs and desires of the international membership.
(NOTE: The ILC Roles and Functions can be found here)

STRATEGY 1.4 Ensure that there is adequate staffing to carry out the activities set forth in this plan

STRATEGY 1.5  Ensure sufficient financial resources to fund the activities set forth in this plan

GOAL 2:  Preserve the Integrity of Focusing and foster its development

STRATEGY 2.1 Clarify the roles and responsibilities of Coordinators
(NOTE: The International Leadership Council has begun a process of revising the process for appointing Coordinators.  That document was made available to Coordinators at the International Conference in Seattle and is available to Coordinators on their resource page.)
STRATEGY 2.2 Ensure the quality and ongoing development of Focusing teachers

GOAL 3: Catalyze the development and expand the world-wide availability of programs and applications that are vital, responsive and contextually relevant

STRATEGY 3.1 Promote offerings from worldwide members of The International Focusing Institute (including Coordinators, Trainers and other individuals or regional bodies)

STRATEGY 3.2 Highlight innovative work worldwide that expands the relevance of Focusing and Felt Sensing in all areas of life
STRATEGY 3.3 Ensure that Institute-sponsored programs meet the needs of the worldwide community

STRATEGY 3.4 Develop the Pause for Peace program to bring Focusing to people not served by fee-for-service programs

STRATEGY 3.5 Promote and support specific applications of Focusing and TAE in education at all levels, psychology, behavioral health, social work, social action, the arts, conflict resolution and other promising fields

GOAL 4: Raise the visibility of TIFI and effectively communicate the benefits of bodily felt-sensing as a way for people to carry life forward.

STRATEGY 4.1 Foster research that validates the effectiveness and relevance of Focusing, Thinking at the Edge (TAE) and Gendlin's philosophy

STRATEGY 4.2 Develop a comprehensive communications strategy with the aim of creating greater awareness and understanding of Focusing and TAE through multiple channels such as websites, mainstream media and social media

STRATEGY 4.3 Reach out to organizations, institutes and disciplines where there is potential for enhancing and deepening each other’s methodologies and processes

To see the matrix of Goals and Strategies as it was shared in 2016, please click here.

Document Archive

Propuesta de Coordinadores Meso-Sud y Latinoamericanos - Mayo 2014 [PDF]

THINKING ON THE PROCESS OF TFI RESTRUCTURING: Being carried forward. Diffusion Focusing Québec (April 2014) [PDF]

TFI Strategic Plan: Report from Functional Whole International Support - Presented at the 23rd International Focusing Conference. May 2011 [DOC]

Draft of The Focusing Institute Mission Statement (June 2015)

Initiating a Strategic Planning Process: A Report on Discussions with The Board of Directors and Selected Stakeholders of The Focusing Institute - May 2011 [PDF]