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Gendlin Templeton LecturePsychology of Trust and Feeling ConferenceStony Brook University, November 17-18, 2006


We invite you to listen to the LIVE Audio recording of Gendlin's recent keynote talk: "In Having More Than One Shape, the Truth is More, But It Isn't a Shape."  You can also read the transcript.

Psychology of Trust and Feeling Conference at Stony Brook Manhattan, November 17-18 2006. Keynote speaker Eugene Gendlin's talk is entitled: "In Having More Than One Shape, the Truth is More, But It Isn't a Shape."

Please Note:  This lecture is a very large file - about 98.6MB for the MP3 file . This means that users who connect to the internet with dial up may have to wait a while before the audio file starts playing. 

Almost all PC's have an MP3 player. If you would like to play the MP3 version of Gendlin's lecture, click here.  The resident MP3 player on your PC (for example Windows Media or Quicktime) should appear and play the file. 

If you are having trouble connecting to the file, you may want to manually download the MP3 file.  To manually download the MP3 file, right click on this link and click "Save Target As" and then save the file named "eugene_gendlin_updated.mp3".  Make sure you save the file somewhere that you remember!  When the file is downloaded you should be able to click on it and have it automatically played in your resident MP3 player.

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