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Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist Training Program

Attend a Level I Focusing for Psychotherapists weekend workshop

Apply to become a Trainer-in-Training

Join the Focusing Institute as a TNT.

Training is over a two year period. We meet one Saturday or Sunday every other month.

Maintain a weekly Focusing Partnership during training. Partners will be rotated every meeting. Phone partnerships are acceptable, although meeting in person is better. Please follow exact guidelines for these half hour exchanges. They are not for socializing.

At least one taped and transcribed 20 minute Focusing session is required.

You will be exposed to a number of teachers over the two years.

Focusing, Focusing Oriented-Psychotherapy and Power of Focusing, plus other handouts are required texts.

Culmination of training is at a certification workshop held in Stony Point, New York..

Completion of the requirements does not automatically lead to certification. The main teacher and the TNT must agree on readiness.

After certification you can be listed on The Focusing Institute referral database on the web site.

Active status as a trainer requires an annual membership fee and attendance at a Focusing event once every third year.


  • Level I Therapist Workshop
  • TNT Dues
  • Single day meetings
  • Certification Workshop
  • Trainer Dues

Please visit the store for the current fees for workshops and membership dues.


In addition to further teaching, the purpose of the certification workshop is to integrate you into the International Focusing Community. Usually about 20 TNTs come from all over the world for 5 ½ days. Some are therapists, some are not. Everyone attending for certification has already been recommended by a certifying coordinator. This is not an evaluative process.

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