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Focusing and ...

Making the world a better place

Other fields and disciplines – working with children, health care, scientific research, creativity and innovation and more – can benefit from incorporating Focusing into their practice in very precise ways. Eugene Gendlin, who developed the Focusing process, outlines his vision for how Focusing “makes the world a better place.” We invite you to explore more about how Focusing can enhance your field of work.

The following is an excerpt from Vision Statement for Focusing Action Steps and Projects by Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D.:

Because Focusing comes from a new philosophy, it enables a fundamentally different way of doing almost any activity. Focusing provides access to the experiential intricacy of one's situation, which generates new possibilities for carrying life forward. It also makes for empathic attitudes towards oneself and others and all forms of life. So it makes the world a better place. But here I want to emphasize how Focusing leads to developing a precise way for achieving the purpose inherent in many fields. I can formulate this best with examples.

For example: Everyone who works with schools would like the children to discover the excitement of thinking, learning and curiosity, but it hasn’t been known “where” that discovery happens in a child, and how to enable a child to attend there. We have specific researched instructions for reaching that level in a child.