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Coordinator and Trainer Resources

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Proposed Process for Naming of Coordinators

Read the Proposed Process for Naming of Coordinators:

English   中文   עִברִית   Español   Française

Read the Announcement of the Pilot Program for the New Method of Naming Coordinators:

English   中文   Português   עִברִית   Español  Française

(Please note: Japanese Translations available thru the Japan Focusing Association).

Earlier Materials related to the Proposed Process for Naming of Coordinators

Earlier draft: March 2017: English  Français  Español  日本語ž  Italiano

March 2017 Invitation to Coordinators: English  Français

Read minutes or watch video of an April 11, 2017 discussion with Coordinators about the proposal


Summary Report on Feedback on Proposal for Naming Coordinators - Report from 2017-11-12

Proposed Panel on Certification - detailed version. Draft July 20, 2015.

Proposed Panel on Certification - simple version. Draft July 20, 2015.

Current guidelines for Coordinators in training to become Certifying Coordinators.



Certifying Coordinator Follow Up Since Cambridge - Report from 2017-03-17

Certifying Coordinator Assembly, Cambridge, UK, 2016 - Report from 2017-03-11

Watch video of the Conversation with Coordinators, 12-2016

In this video:

MEETING TOPICS (in order):

  1. International Leadership Council's (ILC) proposal on the appointment of Coordinators
  2. Weeklong
  3. Membership Committee
  4. Website
  5. Strategic Planning
  6. Coordinators' meeting in Garrison, New York in 2017


Coordinators' Resource page:
Strategic Planning page:
Board page:
ILC (International Leadership Council) page:


日本語 ž (Japanese translation of the minutes of Cambridge coordinators' assembly)

Coordinators decision #3: "HOPE IN THIS TIME OF DARKNESS" 2016-08-11

International Leadership Council Web Page

Certifying Coordinator Assembly July 2015

A RECORD OF THE 2014 COORDINATORS ASSEMBLY (last update on June 12, 2014)
Location: Stony Point, New York
Dates: May 18 - 21, 2014

Listing of Certifying Coordinators

Minutes of Coordinators Meeting, 29 May, 2013 Emmetten, Switzerland

Guidelines for Coordinators-In-Training to Become Certifying Coordinators, 2013

Celebrate Gene Month Resources

¿Quién cuida a las Cuidadoras? o ¿Cómo generar BienEstar en la Vida Cotidiana?
Who looks after Caretakers? Or How to Create Well Being in Daily Life?
, Salvador Moreno López, August 2012 [PPTX 3.6MB]

Felt Sense Literacy, Marion Hendricks-Gendlin, June 2012

Alfabetización de la Sensación Sentida, Marion Hendricks-Gendlin, June 2012

By-Laws of The International Focusing Institute

Coordinator’s Meeting - June 4 and 5, 2012, Argentina International Conference

Letter from Frans Depestele regarding the new book 'Person-centered and experiential therapies work' July 2010 [PDF, 984Kb]

Memorandum of Understanding Between TFI and FECD

Supplementary Coordinators Meeting Friday, May 7th, 2010 [DOC]

Minutes for Coordinators Meeting May 4-5, 2010 Pforzheim, Germany submitted by Ann Weiser Cornell and Lucy Bowers [DOC, 49Kb]

Proprosal for Functional Committees April 2010 [PDF, 37Kb]  Short URL

Coordinator’s Meeting - May 13-14, 2008, Bromont, Quebec

Folio Editorial Committee [DOC]

Gendlin Online Library Announcement (please sent to your colleagues)

Coordinator’s Meeting May 2nd 2006, Soesterberg Nederland [DOC]

List of CC's and CNT's, participants of the CC meeting 2006 [DOC]

2005 Weeklong Report [DOC]

What does it mean to build an FOT movement? Notes from Board Committee Meeting 2005 [DOC]

Focusing for Health Concept Paper [DOC]

Minutes of International Focusing Conference 2004

Focusing Partnership Program Coaching Packet

Presentation to the Faculty, June 2003, Doralee Grindler Katonah

Sample Certified Focusing Professional webpage

Sample Certified Focusing Professional search form

BAPCA Position Paper, August 2002 [DOC]

Minutes for Therapist CC meeting: International 2002 [DOC]

Press Release from 2002 International [DOC]

Summary of Dreams Workshop, October 2001, Teresa Dawson

Aboriginal Peoples Training Programs, Dennis Windego.

Report of Marta and Ynse Stapert of their working-visit to Romania, October 2001



Trainee Membership Forms

Agreement for Trainer Certification Forms