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The Revolutionary Pause

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Mary Hendricks Gendlin

The conversation this month is very different from the rest of this series. Instead of an actual, spontaneous conversation, this 7-minute recording is a staged reading of the beginning of an article that Mary Hendricks Gendlin wrote. 
Mary was explaining what she meant by "The Revolutionary Pause", using a personal situation that many people can relate to in order to make this concept come to life. This brings out in a very dramatic way how pausing makes it possible for us to notice the dynamics of power and control, and find our own way.
Five of us did this recording, Bruce Gibbs, Jocelyn Jacks Khan, Susan Rudnick, Catherine Torpey and Serge Prengel. We hope it inspires you to "pause for peace" - - inner peace as well as interpersonal and societal peace.

Original text:

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