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Focusing keeps getting “carried forward” in rich and vibrant ways, to new endeavors and new fields. One such development has been our Focusing Conversations. Every other month, a new Conversation is added, as an audio recording that you can listen to on the website, or download to play on your computer or smartphone.

While each Conversation is meant to stand on its own, this project is also meant to be an ongoing exploration of how to talk about Focusing. Little by little, we will be paying attention to how we describe the process of Focusing, especially when talking with people who use Focusing in innovative ways. This helps us expand our Focusing vocabulary.

Please share with us your ideas and experience on this topic through the Institute Facebook page or the contact form.

The host for these conversations is Serge Prengel, a Focusing-Oriented Therapist and life coach in New York City.

Index of Conversations:

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