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Find a Focusing Professional - Guilherme Wykrota Tostes

Focusing Coordinator (in training - CiT) by The International Focusing Institute - Focusing Trainer by The International Focusing Institute (2012) - PhD Student in Clinical Psychology at PUC Campinas-SP and member of the CNPQ Research Group “Psychological Interventions and - Human Development Processes” oriented by Prof. Dr. Vera Engler Cury; - Master in Clinical Psychology (PUCAMP - 2017) oriented by Prof. Dr. Livre Docente (USP) Tania Aiello-Vaisberg; - Coordinator and Professor of Lato Sensu Graduate Studies in Phenomenology, Psychopathology and Mental Health at the Medical Sciences Faculty of Minas Gerais (FCMMG); - Full Professor of Clinical Psychopathology at FCMMG and Member of FCMMG Structuring Faculty; - Postgraduate Professor in Hospital Psychology (Santa Casa); - Postgraduate Professor of Person-Centered Approach (Fac. Inps. - São Luiz - MA); - ACP Training Teacher (Person Centered Approach) Fortaleza - CE; - Served as Manager of the Psychology Department and co-coordinator of the Teaching and Research Center of the André Luiz Spiritist Psychiatric Hospital (HEAL) (2012 -2018) - Acted as Clinical Psychologist and Internship Supervisor at HEAL (2007-2018); - He was responsible for the Substance Abuse treatment unit at HEAL for 5 years; - Preceptor of Clinical Psychology at Salgado de Oliveira University; - Translator of the book of Phenomenological Psychopathology: “The Impossible Death Man and other stories” (L'uomo dei ragni). - Postgraduate in Elementary Experience in Psychology UFMG- (2013); - Specialist in Jungian Analytical Psychology at IEC / PUC Minas (2008); - Graduated as a Humanist Psychologist at the Humanist Institute of Psychotherapy of Minas Gerais (2009) and the Center for Humanistic Psychology (2009); - Training in Gestalt Therapy and Jungian Studies from FUNDEP / UFMG (2009); - Eriksonian Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis Training (2005);
First Name
Last Name
Wykrota Tostes
Business Name
+55 31 9997-5035
Belo Horizonte
Certified Focusing Professional, Focusing Trainer
Coordinator (Can certify through the Institute)?
Coordinator-in-Training (CiT)
Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT)?
Services Offered
Individual Sessions, Group Sessions, Couples Sessions, Online Sessions, Phone Sessions, Presentations, Research, Trainer Training
PHD (in progress), Professor
Languages Spoken
Language(s) Spoken
English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Addiction, Adults, Body Psychotherapy, Bodywork, Couples, Mental Illness