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A Taste of TAE

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

with Wendi Maurer (USA) and Hanspeter Mühlethaler (Switzerland)



A Taste of TAE is now available to Focusers of the Eastern part of the world and to those of you who like challenging hours.

Explore the power of Thinking at the Edge (TAE) in a playful way. We offer creative exercises to experience and better understand TAE. We work with different modes of expression, for instance: music, art, literature and more.

Bi-weekly Workshops, two hours each, starting Friday, October 19, 7 to 9 am Central Europe Time (CET). The group size is limited, so if you’re interested, please register soon. Total cost: $150.00

Click here: for more information, or contact Wendi at [email protected]

Here are two participant’s thoughts about our classes:

“What a sprightly, challenging exploration! This work helps us use bits of TAE in our daily lives.”

“A Taste of TAE is a delicious interactive course skillfully facilitated by Hanspeter Muhlethaler and Wendi Maurer who are providing a friendly and stimulating learning experience. It is offering me an opportunity to explore and to be imaginative as I expand the edges of my thinking. I find it informative about the essence of TAE itself."

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