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Your Day in the Sun

Learning Focusing in a Natural Environment

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Facilitated by Maria Navarro, Ph.D.


Treehouse Lodge

at the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in Seville Spain

As Without, So Within - As Within, So Without

Learn Focusing by tuning in to the effects of the natural environment on our Presence. We will find ourselves responding to whatever the conditions are -- something as organic and fresh as our inner worlds.

Through partner work, journaling, movement, and other approaches, we will come at our experience from several different perspectives. This approach can allow a rich, multidimensional something to come to our clear awareness.

About Maria Navarro

Maria Navarro, Ph.D., is a licensed Clinical Psychologist based in New York City and Seville, Spain. 

Using Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, and Arts Therapy, she works with individuals, couples and groups of youth and adults to help them reach greater clarity, joy and empowerment in their lives.

She is the author of Gentleness Gym, as well as multiple papers on the effect of Presence work on productivity, well-being and relationships.

Registration Details

To reserve your spot, send an email to to Maria Navarro. She will respond with details.

$ 200.00

Program Fee - Commuter

$ 375.00

Program Fee with Double Room

$ 450.00

Program Fee with Single Room

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